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As a pharmacist by trade, Lianne was confronted by the realities faced by her female customers. Often, they had no control over their financial reality. It was their husbands who “sorted all that stuff out”. As time went on, many of her long-standing customers were unknowingly kicked-off their Medical Aid plans after getting divorced. She knew that something had to be done to educate women in South Africa about the world of finance and take control of their financial futures. Lianne studied further and became an accredited Financial Advisor. And so began Women’s Wealth. Almost 20 years later, Lianne recruited her daughter, Kerri, to join the fight.


Kerri Lutz

Kerri joined her mom in the fight for female financial freedom in 2016. Kerri studied psychology at Wits and after completing her degree went on to do a PDM in business. The combination of these two areas of knowledge give her an in-depth understanding of the emotional side of finances. Money is where a lot of our stress and insecurities stem from. When these issues are compounded by a lack of control and choice, we often feel powerless to choose a path that is right for them. Kerri offers a lot of insight into the inadequacies that women have around financial jargon, and social issues like financial abuse, the stress of debt and the importance of goal setting. 

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